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About Us

Origin Story

Hey, Nathan here,

I am the founder and owner of 100 Gang Clothing and I want to tell you my story and the origin of 100 Gang.


As a kid, I grew up alone. Not alone in physical presence, but alone in mental thought. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia I saw many things from death, poverty, abuse and many other struggles that most young people growing up in a big city experience. As I grew up in Atlanta at times I just felt this sense of hopelessness. 


I lost two younger brothers to suicide, I lost friends to jail and street life, and my parental home was broken. All I could hear was the phrase “No one is coming to save you.” Everyone around me seemed to be consumed by this hopelessness and in a sense so was I.

A new beginning

In the year of 2015 I finished playing football at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and soon after I turned to boxing. I found that boxing had many parallels to life, because life indeed is a fight. In the gym I felt this sense of rawness and authenticity. Boxing became my therapy. After training vigorously for two years I turned pro and wanted to create a symbol that stood for something. In Boxing, every fighter goes by a nickname. Mine was 100.

The name & symbol

The reason I chose 💯 is because that’s how I keep it, raw and real. Coming from a broken home I also felt that I needed a sense of unity. Unity amongst my people, friends and people who share similar values as me.


That’s where the symbol that looks like a little flower comes in. It’s official name is Bese Saka, which translates to “sack of cola nuts.” The flower comes from West Africa and it stands for power, unity, togetherness, affluence and abundance. In West African culture, whenever this symbol is seen it is believed to have the power to bring people together.

Welcome to the Gang!

 In my city whenever you have a lot of something you call it a gang. So then it happened, 100 Gang was created. A lot of unified people, who keep it real, who strive for abundance daily. Welcome to the Gang!


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